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President's Message
Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to take over as the President of the MSRF chapter of AAPI.  There have certainly been many great leaders before me and I hope to carry the tradition forward.  I’ve been a part of AAPI since I was a little boy. I fondly remember heading to meetings with my family and seeing the deep relationships forged each year. The sense of pride and camaraderie was distinct; it was as if we were all a large family.  Over time, I realized that being a first generation Indian American offered a very unique and fortuitous opportunity.  While it allowed for all the great advantages our parents had dreamed of when coming to this country, it also provided the deep core values that were inherent to the Indian culture.  Now, as I start my term as president, I look to justify all the opportunities I’ve been given and continue to lead AAPI to new heights.  


“Why be a part of AAPI?”  This is the question I want to answer for each and every one of our members. I understand that throughout the years, some have wondered how AAPI benefits them and why they should make a meaningful effort to be involved.  It’s a fair question and not one I would want to shy away from.  


Being physicians, we are constantly subjected to hurdles on a daily basis. Medicine is hard.  Life is harder. When I think about AAPI, I feel it should be a place to seek comfort, a place to help you whenever you need. Throughout the next few months, we will be introducing relevant perks to our membership. The goal is for these benefits to help everyone from early medical students to those at the brink of retirement.  Strength in numbers as they say. We want to harness our vast membership to bring you benefits you may have never realized were possible.  


We will also be pushing an initiative near and dear to my heart: Mentorship. Becoming a doctor is a long, stressful, and arduous process. Often, questions arise and you have no idea where to turn.  AAPI is here to help. We will be forming a mentorship database over the next few months that will allow medical students and residents alike to find people in their fields that can offer guidance and support.  We owe to our future generations to create a platform that enables success moving forward.  Again, I thank you for electing me president and look forward to making you all proud in the coming year. 

My very best,

Dhaval G. Bhanusali, MD

AAPI MSRF President